AquaLife DeNitrex

DeNITREX BioPellets Nitrate and Phosphate Remover

• An ideal substrate for colonization by beneficial denitrifying bacteria
• Releases organic carbon molecules for the metabolization of nitrate
• Facilitates the removal of soluble phosphates
• Enhances water clarity
• Biodegradable
• 100% bio-based
• Reduces water changes and maintenance

Removal of nitrate and phosphate from aquarium water by certain bacteria requires a suitable organic fuel' for bacterial metabolism. AquaLife DeNITREX supplies that organic substrate releasing it into the aquarium environment at precisely the rate it is consumed by the bacteria. Numerous aquarists have learned that this method is superior to dosing schemes using vodka or another organic substrate added periodically by the aquarist. Furthermore, the use of solid DeNITREX biopellets significantly reduces maintenance chores, compared to hand dosing. DeNITREX also facilitates the removal of soluble phosphates, and can be used as the sole means of phosphate removal in a properly nutrient-managed system.
Nitrate (and phosphate) removal occurs via more than one physiological pathway, but in all cases the nitrate-rich bacteria themselves are either consumed by filter-feeding aquarium inhabitants or are removed via the protein skimmer. Maintaining adequate protein skimming is essential to any reef aquarium maintenance program.

Available in 4 convenient sizes and in 10# bulk.

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