AquaLife Koi Select ASF Premium Food
AquaLife Koi Select ASF Premium food is a specially blended all-in-one formula that meets the nutritional needs of Koi and pond fish for all seasons (ASF= All Season Forumla). AquaLife Koi Select ASF Premium is a balance of high quality ingredients in scientific ratios that provide maximum digestibility, vigorous growth, and color enhancement for all seasons. This premium formula contains wheat germ to facilitate digestion and absorption of minerals and trace elements. Sound nutrition is essential to maintain balanced growth, general health, and reproduction as well as the first line of defense against disease. AquaLife Koi Select ASF Premium food is rich in spirulina and montmorilanite clay for color enhancement in all feeding seasons.

AquaLife Koi Select ASF Premium food is made in the United States and blended in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. It is made of the finest ingredients and the quality control is second to none.

• 2% Montmorilanite Clay
• Color enhancer
• Spirulina enhanced
• Contains wheat germ and a balanced protein source
• Total balanced nutrition
• Does not cloud water
• Reduces water quality problems
• Promotes resistance to stress & disease
• Vitamin enriched for superior daily nutrition
• Floating pellet for Koi & Goldfish
• No corn meal
• Nothing fresher on the market
• Superior nutrient absorption

Feeding Instructions: Feed only the amount
your fish will eat within 3-5 minutes. Feed
approximately 1 tsp. per 3 inches of fish.
Remove all uneaten food to maintain water quality.

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