AquaLife Water Garden Cleaner
AquaLife Water Garden Cleaner ASF supplies 5 strains of water cleaning and sludge removing bacteria, in a value-priced formulation designed for year round use. Our proprietary fermentation process reduces smell and prevents the need to purchase a different product at every change of season. No longer do you need to wait for water to warm up in the spring, or to buy something every season to keep your pond looking pristine year round.

• Contains 5 species of beneficial pond bacteria
• Reduces maintenance
• All-natural formula of beneficial bacteria
• Eliminates fish wastes, excess fish food, toxic ammonia, and nitrite, as well as problem-causing nitrate and phosphate, and odors
• Use year-round in koi ponds
• Reduces the need for water changes by biologically cleaning the gravel and clearing water - week after week, month after month.

AquaLife Water Garden Cleaner ASF reduces maintenance while safely and naturally keeping your pond beautiful. Completely safe for all fish, plants, wildlife, pets, and people.

• All-season liquid formula
• Jumpstarts biological filtration
• Promotes fish health and vigor
• All-natural formula reduces fish wastes, uneaten food, and sludge
• Lowers ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and phosphate
• Eliminates odors
• Keeps pond clear
• Reduces maintenance

AquaLife Water Garden Cleaner ASF is a natural products designed to get your pond in shape over time and to maintain its beauty when used according to directions.

Dosage: Apply 4 fluid ounces per 1000 gallons of water. Apply every 1-2 weeks, or as needed. Maintain proper aeration.

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