Aqualife Trace Elements GC, 450ml

Formulated to take the guess work out of dosing, AquaLife Trace Elements GC supplies essential ions in appropriate ratios to calcium. Based on available data for the average composition of seawater in the tropics, AquaLife Trace Elements GC brings a new level of accuracy to reef tank supplementation.

Simply determine the rate at which a given reef aquarium utilizes calcium, and follow the label instructions for calculating the appropriate dosage of AquaLife Trace Elements GC.

AquaLife Trace Elements GC is formulated so that one drop per gallon increases Sr by 0.2 mg/L & other ions increase proportionately.

AquaLife Trace Elements GC provides (in alphabetical order):
• Boron
• Cobalt
• Copper
• Manganese
• Molybdenum
• Nickel
• Potassium
• Rubidium
• Strontium
• Zinc

Available in 120ml and 450ml sizes.

Dosage Calculation:

1. Adjust the calcium concentration to your preferred amount, using the calcium supplementation method of your choice. Do not add any additional calcium to the aquarium for the next ten days.

2. Using a test kit, measure the calcium concentration of the aquarium. The resulting number is D1.

3. After ten days, once again measure the calcium concentration of the aquarium. The resulting number is D2. Subtract this reading from D1 and divide by 10 to obtain the calcium uptake per day for the aquarium.

4. Divide the calcium uptake per day by 50 to obtain the total daily uptake of strontium for the aquarium.

5. Finally, divide the result in step four by 0.2 to determine the number of drops of AquaLife Trace Elements GC to add to the aquarium each day.

6. EXAMPLE: If the difference between the two calcium readings is 100, then you would add 1 drop of AquaLife Trace Elements GC per gallon, per day.
[Note: Simplifying the math above gives: (D1-D2)(.1)(.02)(5) = (D1-D2) * 0.01]

7.|If you prefer, AquaLife Trace Elements GC may be dosed less frequently. Simply multiply the daily dose by 7 to determine the weekly dose. For larger doses: 1 ml = 20 drops, one teaspoon = 5 ml.

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