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February 23, 2024
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Product Detail

Item#: FP6014

Supporting Documents
  Type Use:
  Units/Case: 1
  Wt Each: 171.00

Other Important Information About This Product
  Related Product:

  Substitute Product:
Pond Liner 25' x 30' EPDM 45mil

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Product Name: Pond Liner 20' x 30' EPDM 45mil
Category: Pond Liners & Accessories*
Subcategory: Pond Liners, Patches, & Install
Manufacturer: Firestone

Firestone is the #1 manufacturer of pond liners in the USA. PondGard is the best liner material available and has a 20-year membrane warranty. In addition, this is the only liner that is tested for toxicity and is fish safe.
PondGard is based on EPDM synthetic rubber, a highly flexible stable material that's not only long-lasting and easy to work with, but is safe for fish and plant life. It has been used successfully in a variety of environmental containment applications for more than a decade.

The unique properties of EPDM give PondGard these benefits:

· FISH FRIENDLY: PondGard is a highly stable material. The Firestone PondGard logo imprinted on the EPDM liner indicates that it is specially formulated to be safe for exposure to fish and plant life in decorative ponds.

· HIGHLY FLEXIBLE: PondGard stays flexible in a variety of temperatures, from - 40 degrees F to 175 degrees F enabling it to be installed year round. And unlike some liner materials, PondGard EPDM contains no plasticizers which can which can brittle with age and cause cracks or splits in the material, threatening fish and animal life.

·DESIGN VERSATILITY: PondGard's flexibility provides flexibility in pond design, too. Unlike preformed liners, PondGard can easily be shaped to fit the unique contours of your pond, giving you much more creative design versatility. In addition, PondGard comes in a variety of lengths. Multiple membrane panels can quickly and securely be seamed with the QuickSeam Tape System to accommodate larger pond lining applications and unique design elements such as waterfalls.

·WEATHER RESISTANT: PondGard shows outstanding resistance to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation (UV), ozone, and other environmental conditions - important characteristics especially along the water line of the pond where the liner can be exposed.

·HIGH ELONGATION: PondGard EPDM has high expansion and contraction characteristics which enable it to conform to objects in the subgrade. This feature is especially important after the pond is in service when earth movement, or erosion, could cause roots and rocks to be dislodged beneath the membrane, placing stress on the liner. PondGard's high elongation properties will enable it to stretch over the object.

· EXTREME DURABILITY- For additional puncture protection, PondGard EPDM rubber liners can be installed in conjunction with a Underlay Felt. This non-woven geo-textile underlayment provides a uniform layer of membrane puncture security much greater than that provided by carpet remnants and old newsprint.

·LOW MAINTENANCE: PondGard requires little or no regular maintenance once installed. Should the need arise, it is easy to repair in place with a self-adhesive QuickSeam Joint Cover Patch, minimizing cost and inconvenience.

· WARRANTY: PondGard EPDM Rubber Liner is backed by a 20-year membrane warranty.

· EASY TO INSTALL: PondGard installs quickly and easily. No special tools or skills are required.

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