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February 26, 2024
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Product Detail

Item#: HA2929
  Type Use:
  Units/Case: 1
  Wt Each: 0.50

Other Important Information About This Product
  Related Product:

  Substitute Product:
Fluval E 100watt Electronic Heater

  Use This Product With:
Plastic Thermometer w/ Suction Cup

Product Name: Elite Radiant Hanging Heater 100watt**
Category: Heating & Cooling*
Subcategory: Heaters
Manufacturer: Hagen
Radiant Compact Heater

· Up to 20 gallons

· 100 Watts

· 8

· Accurately maintans aquarium temperature

· For fresh or salt water aquariums

· Sure-Grip rim attachment

· Fits most aquariums

· Pilot on/off light

· One year guarantee (All warranty claims must be taken care of through Hagen. Number is provided on package.)

1.) Fasten heater to aquarium rim. Aquarium water level must cover water line indicator.

2.) Allow 20 minutes for thermostat to acclimatize to water temperature.

3.) Plug cord into power outlet.

4.) Turn temperature control knob until Pilot Light is on.

5.) Monitor temperature closely with the aid of an aquarium thermometer until desired temperature is reached.

6.) When desired temperature is reached, turn temperature control knob counterclockwise until the Pilot Light goes off. Verify temperature on a regular basis to ensure that the temperature is maintained.

7.) For higher temperature, turn temperature control knob clockwise until the Pilot Light illuminates. For a lower temperature, simply turn control knob counterclockwise in small increments and monitor with an aquarium thermometer.

8.) Verify temperature setting regularly for the next 4-5 hours to ensure that the proper temperature is maintained.
Caution: This or any other aquarium heater must never be operated outside of water. Before removing from water, unplug and allow 30 minutes for heater to cool. Unplug heater during water changes or regular maintenance.
Guarantee: The Elite Radiant aquarium heater is unconditionally guaranteed against defective material and/or improper workmanship for a period of one year, from date of purchase. This guarantee excludes the breakage of the glass tube or other misuse. This guaranty does not include responsibility for animate matter contained in the aquarium and is limited to the heater unit only. For guarantee service, enclose receipt along with postage, insurance, etc.

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