AquaLife BioMatrix Product Details
AquaLife BioMatrix is a highly porous naturally inert media that provides superior biofiltration and denitrification in a small space. AquaLife BioMatrix, like “live rock”, aerobically removes ammonia and nitrite while removingFor aquarium use only.

AquaLife BioMatrix LiveRock provides superior biological substrate for the colonization of nitrogen reducing bacteria. Perfect for use in refugiums, sumps, wet or dry filters, trickle filters, box filters, or canister filters. AquaLife Biomatrix is the freshwater or saltwater solution for super charging filtration naturally. AquaLife Activate.
Directions: Rinse as needed and place into filter compartment. Though not required, filter bags may be used if preferred. Use 750ml of media for every 50-100 gallons of water. During regular maintenance AquaLife BioMatrix may be rinsed if necessary and returned to the filter. Replace 50% of the media annually. For denitrification, replace 25% of the media every quarter. The media is completely inert and will not breakdown. Always perform partial water changes at regular intervals.

Keep out of reach of children.
Made in the USA

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