AquaLife Pond Salt Product Details
Pond fish, including both goldfish and koi, require salt to maintain the proper electrolyte balance in their body fluids. Because the surrounding water is less salty than the fish’s blood, fish are in constant danger of losing vital electrolytes. Salt also assists in the production of the slime coat that protects the fish’s skin from parasites and pathogens.
• Non-toxic to fish, plants, invertebrates, pets and people
• Does not impair biological filtration
• Does not reduce dissolved oxygen levels
• For all aquariums, garden ponds and aquaculture facilities
• The choice of aquarium and pond professionals

AquaLife Aquarium Salt Product Details
Reduces stress
Promotes fish health and vigor
Maintains gill health
Adds essential electrolytes
Facilitates osmoregulation
Reduces disease outbreak

Use AquaLife Aquarium Salt to maintain good electrolyte balance, to promote general fish health and to inhibit disease. Electrolytes facilitate oxygen uptake and the release of carbon dioxide and ammonia through the gills. AquaLife Aquarium Salt contains the proper balance of electrolytes to maintain healthy gill function.

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